This microscopic view of healthy blood (above) shows the red blood cells to be round, evenly shaped and freely floating in plasma. There are no signs of clotting, bacteria, fungus, stress or other foreign matter. This is the kind of blood a healthy person should have flowing through their circulatory system.

The subject (below) was given Plant Enzymes, a full spectrum digestive formulation with 77 Ionic Minerals. The degree of improvement varied with each individual, however, in many cases, actual beneficial changes in the blood could be detected with the Darkfield Microscope in just 15-20 minutes after supplementation.




Darkfield Microscopy


These actual photographs of live blood samples were taken at the time of the subject’s first visit and then when the patient returned for re-evaluation thirty days later. The equipment used involves sophisticated Darkfield Microscopy, using high magnification.

The before sample shows free radical damaged red blood cells. They have small holes, look eaten away and are spiked. In this condition, there is a severe restriction in the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the cell can take in and carry to the capillaries and tissues. Free radical damage weakens the cells, allowing micro-organisms to penetrate the cell wall. Once inside the cell, these organisms contribute to over 80 different diseases and disorders. More (Blood Cell Diagram - .pdf file)
Before: Subject suffered from chronic fatigue.

The red blood cells are round, separated and they are not clumped together. They are now capable of carrying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

This is a picture of healthy blood.

After: Subject's blood has changed significantly.


Microscopy allows a health professional to evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells, indicating conditions which can be adversely affecting a person's health. The advantage of this analysis over standard blood tests, which detect chemical changes in the blood, is the ability of darkfield microscopy to detect nutritional disorders sooner, when the problem is in it's infancy stages. By monitoring the blood's condition, a health professional can assist in 'balancing' the blood by giving dietary and lifestyle recommendations which can enhance overall health.

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