Ronald K. Schneider is a leading expert on enzymes, sterols and nutritional supplements.

As an International speaker on health and nutritional supplements throughout the world, Mr. Schneider has been a three time keynote speaker at the National Brain Injury Association Convention, a speaker at the Dallas Medical Symposium for Alternative Health Care, the Anaheim International Health Convention, a keynote speaker for over 50 National Marketing Conventions for various companies as well as many other general speaking engagements.

He has been on numerous national television talk shows including the Oprah Winfrey Show as well as Dr. Howard Hagland's nationally syndicated radio show and W.L. Willard of Chicago show, Street Talk. He has been on over 50 different radio health talk shows.

He hosts Live National Conference calls weekly. Archives are available for review - CLICK Here

Enzyme expertise:

Mr. Schneider is a leading enzymologist. In 1999, Nelson Mandella hosted Mr. Schneider as a keynote in a summit that was called together for over 20 political leaders of South Africa.

President Clinton's administrations's ambassador for HIV/AID, Dr. James Hall, along with Mr. Schnieder worked together and collaborated on the use of enzymes and nutrition in alternatively treating HIV/AIDS, viral infectious conditions and diseases (including a National Press Release with information for various health care providers). Press release

Sterol expertise:

Dr. Karl Pagel, one of the world's foremost authorities on sterols (over 50 years of research and expertise), now a retired Professor at Natal University in South Africa and Mr. Schneider met and discussed how to promote the advancement and use of sterol in modern health care internationally.

Professor Smith, Head Dean of the Medical Center at Natal University an Mr. Schneider met to discuss the use of enzymes for aids research. Through multiple meetings and discussion regarding conjunctive treatments for viral infectious diseases and conditions, they identified the alternative treatment for aids and other infectious diseases using the blend of sterols and enzymes. This is now an exclusive blend named Sterol Max, with rights owned by Mr. Schneider's company, Enriching Gifts International.

Mr. Schneider brought the first hypoxis sterol sprout/enzyme blend from South Africa to the United States. This blend keeps the sterol in it's full integrity by using sprouts rather than chemically extracting sources of mature sterol.

He is working with Dr. Martin Milner (who works with the Northwestern Naturopathic College of Medicine) as well as a genetic engineering company on the engineering of enzymes.


Mr. Schneider is a self taught holistic nutritionist for over 20 years and collaborated on writing two enzyme books. He has studied at the Arizona State Public Medical Library and has over 10 years of research material. He's studied over a year and a half in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy and has spent over 10 years researching and formulating nutritional products and enzymes. He has personally overcome a serious debilitating back injury and now is able to enjoy great health. Mr. Schneider is a respected and noted enzyme formulator and lecturer.

He is a leading innovator in nutritional information and formulations. He has been instrumental in introducing engineerd Enzymes, Sterol, Chitosan (fat absorbing fiber now contributing to over a billion dollar industry), and Coral Calcium to the United States. He has met with the Institute of Molecular Medicine, the Institute of Alternative Health, Northwest Naturopathic College of Medicine, and the American Nutraceutical Association (the AMA for alternative health care) for conducting medical/clinical trials utilizing enzymes and sterols for publication and distribution.

Mr. Schneider has been involved with nutritional supplements for over 20 years. He supplies and markets to over 60 different companies with over 30 different enzyme and nutritional products. His passion is supporting and motivating others to achieve their dreams with a base in wellness. He is committed to improving the quality of life for people through an up-to-date alternative health avenues and education.

*Letter from Dr. James Hall, who is a national orator, epidemiologist, clinical specialist and the recognized US Ambassador of Goodwill, HIV/AIDS

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*Interview with Prof. Karl Pegel / Natal University Durban






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