Calcium claims the title 'The King of Bioelements'.

Researchers are increasingly finding that the humble mineral calcium plays a major role in warding off major illnesses from high blood pressure to colon cancer. US World News Report

February 1999 issue of Reader's Digest wrote in an article entitled, 'The Superstar Nutrient' that the Journal of the American Medical Association published the following. "When the participants consumption reached 1,500mg of calcium a day, cell growth in the colon improved toward normal'. Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)

Symptoms such as mood swings, tension, headaches, and cramping were all alleviated with calcium. 'PMS may be a early marker for osteoporosis. . .We've never really had a marker for this bone loss,' Thys-Jacobs said. 'Now I think we have it. . . Now we have a premenstrual syndrome that is manifesting as a calcium deficient state. CNN Interactive

According to the USDA's 'Continuing Survey of Food Intake by Individuals,' an estimated 90% of adult women don't get enough calcium in their diets, 80% of teenage girls fall short, as do 73% of adult men and 68% of teenage boys. . .And 30% of children 5 and undr fail to meet the necessary minimum'. A 5% gain in bone mass can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by 40%. The Food & Drug Administration

Estrogen, lack of exercise. . .poor diets can all contribute to osteoporosis. But those factors don't fully explain the 350,000 hip fractures each year in the United States. Our kidneys ordinarily regulate the acidity of our blood by dumping excess acid in the urine, but the typical protein-rich American diet overloads them. Protein contains sulfur, which our livers turn into sulfuric acid. The body has to neutralize some of it by looting the bones. They're composed mainly of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate, which are exellent bases for neutralizing acids. Over the years, this process could weaken the bones.

Calcium works together with Vitamin D (especially Vitamin D3) and neither nutrient can be effective without the other. A substantial proportion of calcium absorption into the body is under the control of vitamin D3. When levels of Vitamin D fall in the body, the blood levels of calcium will also tend to fall and calcium cannot be laid down in the bone.


Calcium and the Body

The pH Scale

How Calcium is used by the body:


Not all calcium is the same! There are different types of Coral Calcium. Read on:

So What Is the Difference. . .I have seen calcium priced rather inexpensive at health food stores?

Well, simply put; you get what you pay for! The first type of coral is fossillized calcium that has been deposited on the landmass, or washed up on to beaches. The second type is taken directly from the seabed. It is marine-bed coral. This sea-bed coral is the coral that has dropped from the reef or is processed by reef inhabitants. Marine coral is closer in composition to the living forms of corals, because many mineral and organic elements are retained, in comparison to fossillized, land-based coral. Marine coral contains more magnesium, and the balance of calcium (24) to magnesium (12%) content of this second type of marine coral is close to 2:1. This 2:1 ratio is the ideal ratio for calcium and magnesium intake in the human diet. Marine coral is to be strongly preferred as a health giving supplement over fossillized coral. This superiority is due to its retained, ideal, ionic balance of calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, and the fact that a host of other nutrients were also washed out of fossillized coral during weathering processes.

Our Coral Life Calcium is the original Ericcsons Alka-Mine Marine-Grade calcium. Even though virtually all Coral Calcum originates from the Japanese island of Okinawa, there are distinct differences among them:

The collection of sea-bed coral is performed by means of a unique underwater vaccuming process closely monitored by the Japanese government to insure that the living coral reefs are not harmed at all. In fact, the careful removal of coral sediment from the bottom of the reef is actually beneficial to the remaining living coral.


The coral calcium is already ionized. Unlike other types, it doesn't depend on your stomach to give up a lot of its acid to digest the calcium.

Coral Life is completely absorbable by the body (unlike synthetic products).

Coral calcium is the most bio-available form of calcium known.

This coral calcium is mined from the coral reef off the coast of Okinawa (other products are made from beach sand).

The coral filters ocean water, capturing trace minerals, living microbials, and good bacteria that are important for intestinal health.




Each capsule contains the unique GR8CF-77™ coral calcium proprietary blend

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 capsules daily -  Servings per bottle: 90  

500mg per capsule

Coral Calcium Proprietary Blend
Citric Acid
Vitamin D
Ionic Minerals
*Daily Values not established




The element calcium has chemical actions that are powerful, flexible and life sustaining.


ITEM NO. BT004061 I 90 capsules I $59.95





ITEM NO. BT004061 I 90 capsules I $59.95